Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Image MAT fixed a contract of Customs Brokerage Company with the Customs’ General Office of Mongolia.  And we got an achievement of service quality and became potential on declaring transportations and goods to Customs Offices on behalf of our customers.
      We declare our customers shipment and transportations to the Customs Offices since they reach to the freight forwarding organisations and pay taxes/duties and payments and serve door to door service to our customers. And we have the goal of implementing classical operational customs brokerage company.
      We arrange all types of customs’ services in the following Customs Offices

  • Buyant Uhaa Customs,
  • Ulaanbaatar city Customs,
  • Altanbulag Customs Office in Selenge,
  • Zamiin Uud Customs

      During these periods we have cooperation with over 120 organization in different social feilds like diplomatic, international organizations, foreign invested companies, private, joint and govermental organizations.